Personal Health and Staff Development Services

⦁ Custom staff development in-services and training options (Cost based on Scope of Work)
⦁ Infection Control
⦁ TB Basic Validation Course
⦁ BLS AHA CPR, First Aid AED
⦁ Dementia Training
baxter⦁ Dining Assistant training
⦁ Leadership Skill building training
⦁ NCLEX test review prep coaching
⦁ STD training
⦁ Complex behaviors in older adult health
⦁ Chronic Disease Management
⦁ Other topics are available based on scope of work
⦁ Personal and Community Health Education
⦁ Personal Health Coaching (helping individuals develop strategies to optimize their health in managing chronic conditions).
⦁ Clinical Nurse Liaison (helping individuals and loved ones understand medical test results, treatment plans, etc.)
⦁ Customized Community Health Education (given on a variety of health topics) (based on scope of work)
⦁ For faith-based or civic groups, and community organizations
⦁ Health Fairs
⦁ Articles for newsletters, journals, and other media

Business Development and Consultation Services

Business Development consultation
⦁ Business Plan Development
⦁ Strategic Planning Sessions
⦁ Workplace Enhancement and Team building Sessions
⦁ Contributions to print and electronic media (based upon scope of work)
Medical/ Legal Nurse Consulting
⦁ Medical Review Board participation
⦁ Telephone consultation for specific cases (20 minutes session)
⦁ Review of medical records with brief telephone analysis
⦁ Expert Witness Services
⦁ Billable expenses at cost
⦁ Parking
⦁ Photocopying
⦁ Computer Search
⦁ FedEx/UPS charges
⦁ Time tracked to a specific case
⦁ Lodging and travel (gas, airfare, rental vehicles, hotel fees)
⦁ Travel time
⦁ Mileage (based on current IRS reimbursement rates)
⦁ Telephone consultations and electronic correspondence