Executive Summary of Baxter Professional Services LLC

In the year 2015 Baxter Professional Services LLC
was incorporated as a limited liability company in the State of Indiana with the stated purpose of the company is to:
provide consulting services to individuals, businesses, and organizations to meet
their healthcare, educational, and business needs. OurĀ  goals are to:
to assist attorneys by collecting, reviewing, summarizing and analyzing medical
records and providing consultation on nursing standard of care; to assist
individuals in developing a comprehensive plan to manage your chronic health care
needs; to assist long-term care and other entities to design, customize, and
develop in-service and educational materials for staff and consumer education; and to assist consumers in understanding and managing their chronic health conditions.

Why would you need Baxter Professional Services? Here are some common reasons to use our services:

  1. “I have a medical malpractice case in front of me and the opposing attorney has just sent me three boxes full of medical records that need organized, summarized, and analyzed by someone who is familiar with medical records, policy and procedure, and standards of care.”
  2. “My facility is opening a new Alzheimer’s unit and we need to train our staff on verbally de-escalating our residents to reduce the number of psychotropic medications that our used in our population.”
  3. “We are in the window for our state survey and our nurses are not current on their TB and/or CPR certifications and I need a class right away.”
  4. “My mom lives in an assisted living in Indiana and I live in Ohio. I need someone to go to medical appointments with her and to help me understand the medical jargon used by the healthcare staff.”